Career Opportunities

Looking for a different path for your real estate career?
A better office environment?

What ever reason you find yourself on this page, we encourage you to take the first step and contact us. Changing real estate brokerages might seem scary. We understand this so we promise we never do any high pressure sales tactics like you find in many brokerages in town.

In contrast, we think it's cool and ok for you to test waters and learn more info, and if you decide to go elsewhere or stay were you are at, we are 100% ok with that, because truthfully we don't want to sell you on working here in our office, we want to you decide for yourself if it's a good fit and ask for it. FS Brokers helps you make the transition as fast and as painless as possible. We help with signage, business cards, websites, and provide a special commission rates so that you don't loose money making a change.

We have some of the best real estate training and masterminds in Idaho, just ask any agent in the office. We have so much (free and awesome tools) for you to use and implement into your business that we are likely the lowest cost brokerage to work at in town when you add everything up. But that is not our goal, our goal is to help you to continue to build a business you are proud of.

In addition to our very cool downtown office, we also have an Eagle office. Our vision is to partner with great agents in the Boise market so we can continue to grow our great reputation while maintaining our culture because it has a lot to do with our success.

By signing on with FS Brokers, you'll immediately get some of the best done-for-you marketing (if you want it) for your listings in the nation. We want you to look like a Rock Star to your seller clients every time you list a home, so we have a mission to help you achieve that every time.

If you want to just come to a training session that is a good way to get feel for things. Or we can set up a quick confidential meeting over coffee so you can ask questions, etc., that works great to.

Contact Debbi Myers anytime at: [email protected]

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Start asking questions.